Unmanned rocket that exploded in launch was made in Utah

Posted at 4:47 PM, Oct 28, 2014
and last updated 2014-10-29 12:13:56-04

The search for debris off the coast of Virginia continues Wednesday as NASA tried to determine what caused the explosion of an unmanned rocket during launch.

Officials said the ATK plant in Utah built the rocket used in the second stage of the launch.

The Antares rocket blew up just six seconds after liftoff Tuesday.

The spacecraft that was supposed to take supplies to the International Space Station.

No one was on board and no one was hurt. NASA explosion

Authorities are now investigating what happened and why.

NASA has been paying Orbital Sciences and Space-X to take cargo up to the International Space Station since the shuttle program ended.

Tuesday was supposed to be the fourth of eight re-supply missions on a nearly $2 billion contract.

Investigators still don’t know why the Antares rocket barely made it off the ground.

Five thousand pounds of supplies were lost in the explosion.

NASA said the crew of the space station is not going to run out of food or other critical supplies anytime soon.

Officials said there were hazardous materials on board and they have done their best to secure the site of explosion for further investigation.

Meanwhile, Russia had a successful launch Wednesday sending an unmanned cargo ship that docked at the space station with three tons of supplies on board.