Candidates for Utah’s 4th Congressional District campaigning hard as Election Day nears

Posted at 9:23 PM, Nov 01, 2014
and last updated 2014-11-01 23:23:59-04

UTAH -- With an off-day coming up on Sunday, the candidates in the race for Utah's 4th Congressional District were in high gear Saturday.

FOX 13 News spoke with both Republican candidate Mia Love and Democratic candidate Doug Owens.

Love was talking to Utahns outside of a gun show at the South Towne Exposition Center, and she greeted voters and talked about guns, telling one voter the Glock is her favorite.

Love took a break from talking with voters to speak to FOX 13 News about her campaign.

“The strategy has never changed for us,” she said. “We've been working really hard from the very beginning. No matter what the polls say, we've said that we're going to be out with supporters every single day, working really hard and meeting with people. It's the best part of doing this, really. I love this state, I love the people of this state. I'm so proud to be a Utahn."

Owens was at the Real Salt Lake game and was joined by Rep. Jim Matheson, D-Utah, who is retiring from the seat Owens and Love hope to fill.

Matheson spoke in favor of Owens: “I think if you get to personally meet Doug, he's going to win you over. I think to know him is to vote for him.”

Owens said they will be taking Sunday off but will be back out again Monday.

“We'll be working until late tonight here at the Real game, and then tomorrow taking that day off, and then back at 5 o'clock on Monday morning at the TRAX station," he said.

Most polls show Owens behind Love by 5 to 10 points, but it's been getting closer as Election Day approaches.

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