App helps Utahns track air quality

Posted at 6:03 PM, Nov 02, 2014
and last updated 2014-11-02 20:03:59-05

OGDEN -- This is a transitional weekend: It is not only a transition out of day light saving time, but also into inversion season.

And while you're re-setting the clock on your phone, the air experts at the Division of Air Quality suggest you download their air quality app.

“Air quality is such a huge, important issue,” said Donna Kemp Spangler, who is a Spokeswoman for the Department of Environmental Quality. “To find out if it's a no burn day, if the conditions are good enough to go out and exercise, all these things help you make these decisions.”

The Utah Air App is free and gives updated information on the air quality in all of Utah’s counties.

An estimated 17,000 people have already downloaded the app. And once the inversion settles in this winter, the people at the DAQ expect a lot more people will want air quality information at their fingertips.

Utah Air is available at the Google Play Store and Apple's iTunes Store.