Uniquely Utah: The stump from which crystal clear water springs

Posted at 10:06 PM, Nov 02, 2014
and last updated 2014-11-03 18:00:45-05

In this week's edition of Uniquely Utah, Todd Tanner takes us to a stump in Ogden where residents have been coming to slake their thirst for decades.

The address of "the stump" is 400 East and 2700 North in North Ogden.

The stump is in its own mini-park on the north end of a large shopping center which contains a grocery store, Cafe Rio, and McDonald's to name a few. McDonald's is the business which is closest to the stump.

Also, those familiar with the Ogden area may find this helpful:

From downtown Ogden, drive north on Washington Blvd (the main street in Ogden). Keep on driving north until Washington looks like it's about to come to and end, then watch for a McDonalds on the west side of the road. Pull in, park, and you're there. Washington Blvd turns into 400 East once the roadway enters the city of North Ogden, so that part of the address can be confusing, but just stay on Washington Blvd and you'll get there.