4th District race candidates do last-minute campaigning before polls close

Posted at 11:10 PM, Nov 03, 2014
and last updated 2014-11-04 15:47:03-05

SALT LAKE CITY -- Candidates for Utah's 4th  Congressional district are working feverishly into the night and early morning hours to get last minute votes. Only five percentage points separate Doug Owens and Mia Love according to the latest poll.

The two knocked on doors, made phone calls, stood out in the cold waving to cars passing by hoping their efforts will pay off at the polls. Love and Owens know it's going to be a tight race, so they're focusing on last minute campaigning.

"Hi, hello, how are you? I'm Mia, nice to meet you," said Love to a woman who answered her front door.

On the other side of the valley Doug Owens was waving to drivers at a honk and wave.

Love worked the phone lines Monday as well. "Hello Deveny family, this is Mia Love calling, Republican candidate for Utah's 4th Congressional District."

Owens, who lacks name recognition, has the support of Congressman Jim Matheson and Matheson has been helping him with last minute campaigning.

"I feel good. I feel a sense of momentum building and I'm really excited for Election Day tomorrow," Owens told FOX13 Monday evening.

While the latest polls show Love ahead, Owens who's been running on a platform of "representing Utah's independent voice" is a close second.

"It was down to the wire last time. Remember it was 768 votes that made the difference," Owens said.

All the difference will be made at the polls. Each candidate is encouraging voters to cast their ballots for the person who represents their values the most.

"President Barack Obama hasn't been very good to the American people and so this is our time, it's time for Utah to start running toward the challenges of our day and making sure we're pushing back against those policies that are very disruptive to our families, especially to our youth and those who are going to inherit this country," Love said.

"I'm going to put Utah first rather than a national party. I'm going to put education first, it is a very high priority. Big differences with my opponent on that issue. She's called for the elimination of the Department of Education and student loans and we can't do that," Owens said.

Love denies ever saying she wanted to dismantle The Department of Education.

Utah's 4th Congressional District race may be the most closely watched by voters but it's not the only one hotly contested race. The 2nd Congressional District race between incumbent Chris Stewart who is a Republican and Democrat Luz Robles, who is a seasoned state senator is also heating up. The latest poll has Robles gaining momentum.

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