Saratoga Springs police face angry protest over new revelations in Darrien Hunt case

Posted at 6:13 PM, Nov 14, 2014
and last updated 2014-11-14 20:13:43-05

UTAH COUNTY --- Saratoga Springs police faced angry protesters Friday, who were upset to learn one of the officers who shot and killed Darrien Hunt was wearing a body camera that was not recording.

That information came to light when Robert Sykes, the attorney for Hunt's mother, Susan, released a police report inventorying the equipment the police carried on September 10 when Hunt allegedly lunged at them with a sword.

The Utah County Attorney later declared the shooting justified, but the family is pursuing a civil lawsuit over Hunt's death.

"We started this believing the police would tell the truth in all of this, and now we're at the point we can't believe anything they're saying," said Cindy Moss, who is Darrien Hunt's aunt.

But Chief Andrew Burton told FOX 13 News the camera was an early test model they were trying, and the officer was unaccustomed to it.

"[Officer Judson] said 'I became so focused on what I was doing there I didn't even think about it,'" Burton said.

A crowd of about three dozen protesters gathered at Saratoga Springs Police Headquarters on Friday afternoon. They shouted "Comply or die is not the law" and other chants and slogans.