Find cash on your windshield? Here’s why you really don’t want to grab it

Posted at 3:45 PM, Nov 21, 2014

Authorities are warning drivers about a scam they say is popping up across the country this holiday season.

Officials said it appears to be an early gift, a stranger spreading holiday cheer; it’s anything but that.

Here’s how it happens:

You get in your car, start it and look up to find a nice, crisp $100 bill on your windshield.

Excited about your anonymous gift, you get out of your already-running vehicle to grab the money from under your windshield wiper and the scammer waiting in the wings rushes into the driver seat of your car.

Now you’re down a car and may or may not have that $100 bill.

Officials have reported this practice most recently in Las Vegas and Maryland where the alleged crooks bait you with the cash and use it to carjack you.

If you are a victim of this crime or know someone who is, you can report it to the Utah Attorney General’s Office here.

Source: WJLA