Report: Trio of teens credited with saving life of woman they saw struggling on bus

Posted at 6:57 PM, Nov 22, 2014
and last updated 2014-11-22 21:16:21-05

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Three high school basketball players in Michigan are getting recognition for their efforts off of the court after they reportedly saved a woman’s life during a chance encounter on the bus.

FOX 13 News sister station FOX 17 in Michigan reports Keidran Davis, Najee Perkins and Sergio Diaz–all basketball players at Union High School in Grand Rapids, Michigan–were riding a bus when a woman caught their attention.

“We saw this lady sitting across from us, when we first saw her we didn’t think anything of it,” Davis told FOX 17. “It’s just she was breathing kind of funny and her breathing was off pace a little bit.”

The woman is diabetic and was in need of immediate assistance. The young men scrounged together some candy they had won during a study session and gave it to the woman, likely to counteract the harmful effects of hypoglycemia, which is also referred to as insulin shock.

The boys rode on, staying with the woman well past their stop. She didn’t improve, so when the bus reached the end of the line they reportedly carried the woman to her home–a 15-minute journey through the snow.

“We were going along our route, my stop was coming close and I asked her if she needed any help home, because I just didn’t feel right if I would have just got off the bus, you know, how would she get home? And I was just worried about her,” Davis told FOX 17.

“Me and Sergio stood on his sides, making sure he wouldn’t slip,” Perkins added.

The boys got the woman home safely, and they said they don’t know much about the woman, saying she only gave them a name:  Sue.

Davis summed up the trio’s selfless act, saying simply: “We didn’t know anything about her. We just knew she needed to get home.”

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