Update: Rankings and newest locations of possible sites for Utah State Prison relocation

Posted at 10:51 AM, Dec 03, 2014

UPDATE: The Utah Department of Corrections has released a document ranking the top 14 sites reviewed by the Prison Relocation Commission’s consultant as potential sites for the relocation of the Utah State Prison.

Click here to download the document. [PDF]

The document shows rankings for the 14 sites based on criteria such as proximity to Draper (the site of the existing Utah State Prison), land and environment considerations, infrastructure access and development costs.

The 14 sites were ranked as follows:

1. Southwest Valley (86 points)
2. Airport North (82 points)
3. Northwest Utah Valley (80 points)
4. I-80/7200 W (76.5 points)
5. Lake Mountains West (74.5 points)
6. SR-112 / Depot Boundary Road (72.5 points)
7. West Tooele Valley (62.5 points)
8. I-80 North-South SR-111 (61.5 points)
9. Cedar Valley South (61 points)
10. I-80 / Burmester Road (56 points)
11. Southwest Utah Valley (52.5 points)
12. TAD Block / Rush Valley (52.5 points)
13. Lake Mountain Block (51.5 points)
14. South Half I-80 Block (45 points)

UPDATE: Authorities have released a new list of the latest possible sites for the relocation of the Utah State Prison.

– Airport North (Salt Lake County)
– I-80 / 7200 W. (Salt Lake County)
– Southwest Valley (Salt Lake County)
– SR 112 / Depot Boundary Rd. (Tooele County)
– Northwest Utah Valley (Utah County)
– Lake Mountains West (Utah County)

SALT LAKE CITY – Two sites in Salt Lake City are proposed for the Utah State Prison relocation however, Mayor Ralph Becker said he doesn’t believe either is viable.

Mayor Becker sent a report to the State Prison Relocation Commission  detailing concerns about the proposed sites.

One site is just north of the Salt Lake City International Airport and the other is northeast of I-80 and 7200 West.

“We have many concerns from geological and environmental concerns, infrastructure costs, wetlands on both properties, concerns that it would limit the growth and expansion of the airport down the road,” Jill Love said, deputy chief of staff for Mayor Becker said. “We just don’t think these are good options for the prison.”

The commission is holding a meeting this afternoon at the Utah State Capitol Complex.

An update is expected on the search for a new prison location.

It’s possible officials could decide which sites will need more analysis before a decision is made.