Utah moms call for blinders on revealing magazine covers in stores

Posted at 9:03 PM, Dec 03, 2014
and last updated 2014-12-03 23:33:19-05

SANDY, Utah -- Some Utah mothers are upset about magazines they describe as racy and they took their concerns to Sandy City Hall Tuesday night.

The concern was sparked by one Utah mother who got others to rally around her. She thinks the city should require stores to put blinders on certain magazines but not everyone agrees.

"This particular resident felt that the magazine covers where women were scantily clad in her view were inappropriate for young children," said Nicole Martin, the spokeswoman and Communication Director for Sandy City.

Mainstream magazines grace store shelves in cities across the country, but one mother in particular has raised her concerns after her 7 year-old son said "I hate magazines" while walking through a department store checkout line.

She took her fight to Sandy City Hall Tuesday night, asking the council to consider action and require stores to cover up racy magazine covers. She isn't the only mom concerned about what they consider pornographic images.

"I'm a grandma. I'm a mom, I believe that they're doing the right thing," said Susan Harman, a Sandy Resident.

Some Utah women Fox 13 spoke with stand behind the Sandy resident demanding change.

"I think they are a little too exposed," said Gina Ayaviri.

Not everyone, however, thinks much can or even should be done about it.

"My opinion is I don't know if it can be avoided anymore. I think it's important just to teach your kid those values from a young age so they can defend themselves against it," says Danielle Deagostini.

Those in opposition to the revealing magazine covers reportedly tried talking to some local businesses to ask for their cooperation in covering up the periodicals, but had no luck. Sandy City referred the issue to their attorney for legal guidance and say they will be taking up the issue again.

"We as a city share in the interest of protecting children, we are happy to be part of the dialogue. Ultimately, we'll look at all of the aspect of this issue and determine how we might help," Martin said.