Attorney for John Wall claims victim’s then boyfriend has changed his story

Posted at 8:14 PM, Dec 04, 2014

SALT LAKE CITY -- A former Salt Lake City pediatrician accused of murdering his ex-wife was back in court Thursday, and attorneys for John Wall said evidence suggests the victim’s then-boyfriend lied about what happened the day Uta Von Schwedler died.

Nills Abramson is the one who found the woman dead in her bathtub in 2011. The defense team claims Abramson changed his story, suggesting he isn't telling investigators everything.

"He's changed his story, and when people change their stories, you know, he lied about something originally,” defense attorney Fred Metows said. “If you told two different stories, my argument to the jury is one of them is going to be a lie.”

The attorneys alleged Abramson initially said he had moved Von Schwedler's body slightly but then said at a later hearing that he hadn't touched her. They also contend Abramson changed his story about where he was the day the woman died, claiming Abramson first said he was at conference all day but then later said he was doing training that afternoon.

Wall’s attorneys issued a subpoena to force prosecutors to hand over notes about their investigation. The judge denied it after reviewing the notes himself. He said there was no mention in them of Abramson ever changing his story. FOX 13 News' Caroline Connolly has more details, see the video above for her report.