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Help fulfill Christmas wish for Utah teen waiting for Gift of Hope

Posted at 9:29 PM, Dec 11, 2014

Meet Austin Hulse. He's 19 years old and was born with congenital heart disease.

He was treated with medication until he was put on the transplant list four years ago.

Austin maintains his sense of humor even though he's been through more then 100 surgeries; only half his heart works.

His family is constantly by his side including his grandmother who challenges him in all kinds of games.

"I beat her at those games then she decided to beat me at all the Yahtzee  games," Austin said.  "Grandma, you’re going down next time in both games.”

Dr. Melanie Everitt started caring for Austin about four years ago.

"He had lots symptoms but unfortunately he continued to deteriorate," Dr. Melanie Everitt said. "His health continued to decline. He was listed for a transplant almost a year ago.”

Austin's mother, Tyra, said her son focuses on others even through his health issues and surgeries.Gift of hope Austin

“He just fights and is the most caring," Tyra said. "He has a lot of empathy; there's times when other kids go through stuff and he says, 'I wish I could take that pain away from them so they don’t have to go through it.'"

Austin is now dreaming of a future in medicine.

He's ready to take on the challenge; he will be graduating high school soon.

“I am so excited to graduate this year so I get a round of applause to myself," he laughed.

Fox 13 learned just Austin's grandmother died, the one he talked about losing to in all kinds of games.

His family said he is having a tough time and would greatly appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

If you would like to help cheer up  Austin, his family said he would love a Christmas card or note.

You can mail them to:

Austin Hulse
PO Box 711505
Salt Lake City, Utah 84171-1001