Man hit by car, shots reportedly fired after fight at strip club

Posted at 3:08 PM, Dec 14, 2014
and last updated 2014-12-14 17:08:22-05

SALT LAKE CITY – An altercation inside a South Salt Lake strip club escalated Saturday night, and after two groups moved outside at least one shot was fired and a man suffered a broken leg after being hit by a car.

South Salt Lake Police Department officials said the incident occurred at Southern Exposure, located at 3420 South State St., around 11:30 p.m.

The fight began inside between two groups, but they then moved outside of the club. One group called for backup from some of their associates, and a white Buick arrived on scene with people inside who came to fight.

A man was struck by the Buick, and he suffered a broken leg. A bouncer at the club told police someone produced a gun and fired several shots into the air, though officers said they only located one shell casing at the scene. The shots were fired upward, and there were no injuries reported in connection with the shots.

The man hit by the car was taken to a hospital, where he underwent surgery for the leg injury.

Police have not yet taken anyone into custody and are investigating the incident. Anyone with information is asked to contact the South Salt Lake Police Department.