70 cats found with hoarder are recovering, will be ready for adoption soon

Posted at 3:28 PM, Dec 15, 2014

ONTARIO, Oregon – Volunteers are now caring for nearly 70 cats that were found hoarded in one Oregon woman’s home.

Officials said the cats are doing well and will be ready for adoption soon.

Back in November the Malheur County Sheriff investigated a reported hoarding situation and found dozens of cats in poor conditions.

That where the Ontario Feral Cat Project came in.

It has been caring for the cats ever since.

The woman found with the cats, Cynthia Allen, could now face animal neglect or animal cruelty charges.

Ontario Feral Cat Project volunteer Elizabeth Lyon said, “She got the van because she had the cats. She drove them to Texas and back so they had a three-month road trip, and I can’t imagine being in a van with 70 cats for three months.”

Allen told authorities she thought she was helping the animals but most of them got upper respiratory infections and worse because of the poor living conditions.