High school ballroom competitions dominated by Provo High team

Posted at 7:24 PM, Dec 15, 2014
and last updated 2014-12-15 21:24:23-05

PROVO, Utah -- Athletes at Provo High School are on a decade-long-winning streak.

For 10 consecutive years the varsity ballroom dancing team has won the State Team Match Final.

In a subjective sport like ballroom dancing there's no guarantee the team will win, said coach Angela Williams.

It takes hours of practice in class and at home to get the strength to move smoothly and captivate an audience.

“Our girls in our cabaret do 90 percent of the work, and the guys do all the heavy lifting. But the girls got to make sure that everything looks strong and beautiful,” said Matthew Edwards, president of the team.

And though it seems like they have a formula that works, Williams said, she wants to try a different approach this year.

“Do we back off a little bit and step down for a few years and let somebody else have a chance to experience that same thing,” she asked herself. “Another thought was do we let our JV team try to boost that JV ability. And let them have a little bit of limelight.”

Whatever they decide, the students say they'll bring together all the elements they've worked on this year and see how the judges react this March.

“But I can guarantee you when you walk off that floor you will be the one team that left everything out there. And you will feel good about what you did,” she told her students during dance practice.