Ogden man pleads for help after car containing his ‘livelihood’ stolen

Posted at 9:35 PM, Dec 17, 2014
and last updated 2014-12-18 09:26:15-05

SALT LAKE CITY -- He’s a well-known musician in Utah, and on Wednesday night he pleaded with FOX 13 News' viewers to help him get his stolen car and everything in it back.

Rick Gerber is from Ogden. He said his life’s work was in his car; invaluable instruments and notebooks that are irreplaceable.

The theft happened late Tuesday night in what many describe as a nice neighborhood in Salt Lake City. According to Gerber, he was inside a family member’s house and wasn't away from his car for more than a few minutes before it was gone.

“I went in for 15, 20 minutes and forgot that I had not pressed my key bob and came back out and my car was gone,” Gerber told FOX 13 News.

Inside his 2007 white Chrysler Pacifica were two high-end guitars, an iPod with all of his original music, notebooks of songs and poetry and more--all valued at about $15,000.

“It’s the work I've put into those books; it’s just years of my life I can’t get back,” Gerber said.

The Salt Lake City Police Department has a report of the theft, but detective Richard Chipping said it could be difficult to return the items to Gerber if they’re found.

“Looking over the report, I don’t see him mentioning any serial numbers on his property," Chipping said. "That’s a very large amount of property to lose, and unless we can specifically link it to him it’s very difficult to return the property just because it’s the same make of what he lost.”

Gerber hadn't slept since the theft, and with the reality of what happened sinking in, he was visibly emotional when he talked with FOX 13 News. Gerber said he’s not looking for revenge or punishment. He just wants his belongings back and said he will not press charges against anyone who comes forward.

“It’s my livelihood," Gerber continued. "It’s what I do, and it’s put a hole in me. I just think about spending all that time trying to do good and do good at your craft, and then it’s gone within minutes.”

If anyone sees or knows something about Gerber’s belongings, please contact the Salt Lake City Police Department at (801) 799-3000 or Gerber directly at (801) 458-4121. Gerber also has a GoFundMe account. Click here to donate.