Officials warning of avalanche danger after recent snow, more snow on way

Posted at 1:02 PM, Dec 22, 2014
and last updated 2014-12-22 15:08:01-05

The new snow over the weekend created blizzard-like conditions in high elevations and even an avalanche in a remote area.

- Utah Avalanche Center

– Utah Avalanche Center

Now the Utah Avalanche Center has issued a warning saying there are dangerous conditions in the mountain ranges across the Wasatch Front, into Cache Valley and especially in the back country.

Though some skiers are more excited than intimidated by the conditions, the director for the Avalanche Center says there is cause for concern going forward.

“We get this heavy, dense snow being deposited on top of this sugary snow,” Utah Avalanche Center Director Bruce Tremper said. “So it’s like putting a bricks on top of a pile of potato chips, it just can’t hold up the weight so we are starting to see some avalanches.”

The Avalanche Center says people need to be careful in the back country and avoid it if possible.

Management at Alta says skiers will generally be safer in their ski area, rather than the back country since that’s where they do the avalanche control work.

But they also advise skiers to stay on their guard even inside the ropes, since winds speeds got up to 90 mph Sunday.