Snowboarder under investigation after colliding with skier at PCMR

Posted at 10:24 PM, Dec 22, 2014

PARK CITY, Utah -- A snowboarder is under investigation after colliding with a skier at Park City Mountain Resort earlier this month.

The collision happened December 2. According to police, the 24-year-old male snowboarder was coming down the mountain at a high rate of speed when he collided with a 65-year-old male skier.

The skier suffered several injuries including a broken wrist which required surgery, as well as abrasions to the face, a sore back and sore shoulder.

There is a law regarding reckless skiing and snowboarding. Park City Police are deciding whether or not to charge the snowboarder in this particular case.

"We don't have many of these cases. This is the first one we've investigated this year. I think we had one or two last year,” said Captain Phil Kirk, of the Park City Police Department. “Somebody could get seriously injured maybe even killed. We have had some fatalities up at ski resorts.”

Police say people on the slopes need to be responsible and aware of those around them.

"I think with this law on the books and people aware of it, it does encourage people to be much more careful and safer when they are skiing," said Kirk.

Snowboarder Charlie Ryan says people who are reckless on the slopes need to be prosecuted just like people who are reckless on the road.

"Oh there are definitely some people out there going way too fast and out of control," said Ryan.

However, others feel its ski at your own risk.

"You're all just out there skiing, it's like part of the sport, and like if you don't want to get run into then don’t ski, don't be on the mountain," said skier Lange Leah.

Fox 13 spoke with both men involved in this case. The skier is recovering from surgery and believes the snowboarder should be prosecuted. The snowboarder believes the skier was equally as responsible for the collision.

Charges in this case could be filed within the next week. Police are still in the process of interviewing witnesses.