Man shot, woman carjacked in West Jordan

Posted at 8:01 AM, Dec 24, 2014

WEST JORDAN, Utah -- West Jordan police are looking for four suspects in connection with a shooting and subsequent carjacking Wednesday morning.

According to investigators, the four suspects went into a home near 3800 W Mansfield Circle and shot a 28-year-old man in the leg, then fled the scene.

Police believe the suspects are acquainted with the homeowners, but have not released any details about what their relationship may be.

After the home invasion, police were notified that a woman had been carjacked at gunpoint near 3800 Hillsboro Circle, about two blocks away from the scene of the home invasion.

"They came upon a female that was getting ready in her car,  they pulled her out at gun point, took her car, and then dumped that car down the block," said Randy Anglesey of the West Jordan Police Department.

Upon investigating the carjacking, police determined the suspects had also been involved in the home invasion.

"Right now we have four potential suspects: three males, one female," Anglesey said.

Police said the man who was shot was hospitalized with minor injuries.