Millcreek Canyon closed after snow plow gets stuck

Posted at 5:23 PM, Dec 25, 2014

SALT LAKE CITY -- Millcreek Canyon was closed to incoming traffic for about two hours on Christmas after a Salt Lake County snow plow slipped and got stuck.

According to a representative for the Unified Police Department, people who had driven up into the canyon for recreation were trapped as crews worked to dislodge the plow.  Once the canyon was closed, police were able to let those cars come back down one at a time.

"We drove about a quarter of a mile up and, at that point, we couldn't make it any further in our two-wheel drive automobile here. So we decided to turn around and, on our way back down, we saw a snow plow going up, so we thought we'd give it another shot behind the snow plow. And we didn't make it any further up," said Alan Calderone, a driver who planned to recreate in the canyon Thursday.

Police and officials from the Utah Department of Transportation urge drivers to check road conditions and find out whether or not tire chains are required for canyon road travel.