New Year’s Eve celebrations keep young, old entertained

Posted at 10:03 PM, Dec 30, 2014
and last updated 2014-12-31 00:03:40-05

SALT LAKE CITY -- Bitter cold temperatures did not stop families from celebrating New Year's Eve eve at the Eve Winterfest Celebration in Downtown Salt Lake City at the Salt Palace Tuesday night.

It's the second night of the three-night party.

Nick Como, communications director with Downtown Alliance told FOX 13, "EVE is spread all around downtown so it's hard to say it's a low crowd here or there because it's everywhere."

There were plenty of activities to keep the whole family warm as they celebrated the end of 2014. A hit with kids of all ages was the Ballroom filled with over 2,000 beach balls of all sizes, HoopDeDoo dedicated to hula hoops, music and dancing, and the Brickyard where kids can build their own masterpieces using 400,000 Lego pieces.

Michael Smith said EVE is something his whole family can enjoy together.

"We have kids from high school down to five years old so it's really nice to have everyone able to play," Smith said.

Ashley Silva knew her kids would have fun, but was still surprised at how much fun.

"I looked into it and I knew there was stuff but I'm really surprised they're having a lot of fun so yeah, there's tons of stuff to do and they're having a good time," Silva said.

For the families celebrating Tuesday night, they said the weather wasn't a deterrent.

Tiffany Smith said, "We do like that the venues are inside. That makes it really nice but we debated about taking Frontrunner or driving. We didn't want to stand outside for Frontrunner so we drove and it wasn't bad at all."

Silva added, "If we were outside we probably wouldn't be here but it's, yeah, cold commute but warm in here for sure."

The EVE celebration also includes the largest mirror ball in the United States, spinning at 20 feet wide. On New Year's Eve, the mirror ball will be in the night sky accompanied by a light and laser show.