West Jordan police say they’ve exhausted all leads in case of missing officer

Posted at 10:00 PM, Jan 02, 2015

WEST JORDAN, Utah -- There's growing concern for family, friends and co-workers as the search for a missing West Jordan police officer continues.

Jedediah "JR" Steadman was last seen Tuesday morning, and West Jordan Police said Friday they have exhausted all leads from the public but still have no clue as to where Steadman could be.

Sgt. Dan Roberts with the West Jordan Police Department told FOX 13 News: "The longer it goes the more concerned we get."

No one has seen or heard from Steadman in nearly four days. According to the West Jordan Police Department, he left home Tuesday morning after a fight with his wife.

"I can understand going and cooling off a little while, but now we're going on day three so there's a lot of people who are concerned about him and worried about him," said Nadalee Nunnelley, who used to work with Steadman.

Nunnelley started a Facebook page to help find Steadman.

"For the volunteers that are out looking on their own time, to coordinate efforts a little bit and have a place where they can go and post where they've looked and if they've looked in specific canyons or certain areas that they can post that so we can have people look in areas that have not been looked at yet," she said.

Roberts said Steadman is an avid outdoorsman, and they said they've searched local mountains, canyons and recreation areas with no luck. Now, they are focusing their search statewide.

"He likes to hunt, fish, ride recreational vehicles--so we are looking all over the state trying to find where he might be," he said.

Police are also looking for Steadman's truck, described as a blue 1998 Dodge pickup with license plate B963D with a fallen officer memorial decal.

"It is very uncharacteristic of this officer, it's very uncharacteristic, very unusual for any law enforcement officer to be out of contact for this length of time and not to be reached," Roberts said.

Authorities told FOX 13 News they know where Steadman's cell phone is and that it is not with him. They also said his bank and credit cards and electronic devices don't give any clues to where he could be.

Until the West Jordan Police Department gets more useful information, they are no longer coordinating any searches by volunteers.