Motel party erupts into fight involving about 10 people; 2 men injured

Posted at 2:49 PM, Jan 03, 2015
and last updated 2015-01-03 16:49:20-05

SALT LAKE CITY—Police were called to a motel room early Saturday morning after a party escalated into a fight involving about 10 or 11 people, and two men were injured in the altercation.

Salt Lake City Police Department officials said the fight broke out at about 4:30 a.m. at the Alta Motel Lodge at 1899 South State Street.

There were about 25 people partying in a corner motel room, and Lt. Eddie Cameron of the Salt Lake City Police Department said a fight broke out between two people and then escalated.

“Two ladies had a disagreement, they started fighting; their boyfriends got involved, and then about 10 or 11 other people jumped in,” he said. “One of the boyfriends got stabbed in the arm and the other boyfriend got hit in the head with a bike tire and got a pretty good gash on his head.”

The fight spilled out into the parking lot, but when police arrived they broke up the fight and about half of those present scattered and ran away.

Police said they do not know who stabbed the man in the arm but they said they believe everyone involved is in custody.

Det. Richard Chipping, Salt Lake City Police Department, said later Saturday that one person has been booked into jail for public intoxication and for violating a protective order. Cameron said earlier Saturday he expected at least two people to face assault charges, but it wasn’t clear if anyone other than the individual mentioned by Chipping will face charges.