Woman injured in accidental shooting was moving a gun out of grandkids’ reach

Posted at 6:48 PM, Jan 03, 2015

SPANISH FORK – A 50-year-old woman was injured after she accidentally shot herself in the stomach while moving a gun to a shelf out of reach of her grandchildren.

An official with the Spanish Fork Police Department told FOX 13 News the incident occurred in the area of 200 South and Villa Circle in Spanish Fork.

The woman was moving a gun to a high shelf where it would be out of reach for her grandkids. The gun discharged as she was doing so, and a bullet entered her stomach.

“It was her weapon,” said Sgt. Phil Nelsen of Spanish Fork PD. “She had it in her bedroom, was moving it into a closet area, and during that transportation she was checking the cylinder to see if there was a round in the chamber. And sometime during either removing or putting that firearm back into a [holster] it went off.”

Police said there did not appear to be an exit wound, and the woman was conscious, breathing and alert when she was taken to Utah Valley Regional Medical Center.

Specific details regarding the woman’s condition and the type of gun that discharged were not immediately available.