How to recycle your Christmas tree

Posted at 4:32 PM, Jan 05, 2015

WOODS CROSS, Utah -- A live Christmas tree decorated with ornaments, lights and tinsel has been a popular tradition for hundreds of years.

But the holidays are over and residents are left to figure out the best way to dispose of their bare tree.

Several cities in northern Utah have come to their aid offering residents the opportunity to recycle their trees. All it takes it bringing it out to the curb.

Wood Cross is one of the cities that offer this recycling service.

City crews have a truck that roams the communities and puts trees through a wood chipper as they see them.

Mark Evans, public properties manager with the city, said the city is big on recycling and repurposing the trees, which benefits all the residents.

“It keeps taxpayer costs down and it helps us keep our costs down in the operation of the parks because we reuse everything we can chip up,” Evans said.

City officials expect to collect and reuse hundreds of discarded trees. Some residents may even get their tree back in the form of wood chips.

More information on other cities that offer this service can be found at: