Utah officers restrain unruly passenger on flight back from NY officer’s funeral

Posted at 2:35 PM, Jan 05, 2015

A group of Utah police officers were reminded they are always on duty as they flew back from a New York officer’s funeral this weekend.

Several Utah officers traveled to New York to attend the funeral for Wenjian Liu, a member of the New York Police Department who was killed in an attack some referred to as an “assassination.”

Sheriff Jim Winder said some Unified Police officers helped restrain an unruly passenger who happened to be on their flight back from New York.

Sheriff Winder stated on Facebook:

“While en route home on the flight a passenger became combative to the point that they needed to be restrained.
Apparently our officers immediately acted and assisted in resolving the problem.
The passenger had to be physically restrained while the flight was diverted to Chicago.
According to our staff once in Chicago the remaining passengers on the flight erupted in a standing ovation.
Great job to our members and I am looking to getting you all home safe and sound. Hopefully the next flight wont be so eventful.”