Utah teacher finds teen’s body in school bathroom, authorities investigating as suicide

Posted at 3:30 PM, Jan 06, 2015

BEAVER, Utah - A  teacher found a 17-year-old girl's body in a Beaver County school bathroom Monday and now officials are investigating a possible suicide.

“There was a gun that was found on scene next to her and we believe that could be the cause of death," Sheriff Cameron Noel said.

Noel said, in a hunting community, it’s not unusual for a teen to have access to a weapon.

His office is working to investigate why and how this happened.

Officials said, at this point, there are no indications the young woman was being bullied or suffering obvious depression.

“My school resource officer actually spoke to her the night before this occurred,” Noel said. “She seemed upbeat and was happy.”

The school district is providing grief counseling to students and teachers.

Superintendent Ray Terry said they constantly work to ensure students know help is available.

“They have a resource in the community,” Terry said. “A phone call, they can talk to any teacher, they can go in and talk to their counselors.”

Terry said the school has been in contact with statewide suicide prevention agencies and will likely have a community meeting following this tragedy to discuss suicide prevention.

He said students with friends suffering from suicidal thoughts and actions are asked to contact the faculty and can remain anonymous.

Terry said the district investigates all reports of troubling behavior.

Help is a phone call away for anyone experiencing suicidal thoughts or depression.

Beaver County residents can call toll-free (800) 574-6763 to talk to someone about those feelings.

Click here for additional resources on suicide prevention.