Elderly man from northern Utah killed in ATV crash near Ivins

Posted at 2:50 PM, Jan 11, 2015

IVINS, Utah – A 79-year-old man riding all-terrain vehicles with a group of other elderly people died in an ATV crash that occurred Friday afternoon near the border between Utah and Arizona in the area of Ivins.

Sgt. Dave Crouse, Washington County Sheriff’s Office, said 79-year-old Harold J. Stephens of Tremonton died at the scene of the crash.

Crouse said the man was passing through a ditch, and they believe that at some point while the ATV was traveling through the incline, the vehicle, “overturned and landed on top of him.”

Crouse said the vehicle was a standard, type 1 ATV and did not have seat belts or other restraints. The victim was not wearing a helmet.

The crash occurred about 12 miles southwest of Ivins in the area of the Welcome Springs trailhead.

The group of ATV riders were from a community in Littlefield, Arizona, Crouse said. Littlefield is approximately 36 miles from Ivins. Crouse described Stephens as a snowbird, saying the man and several others in the group live farther north but keep second homes in Littlefield and live there during winter months.

There were no other injuries reported in connection with the crash.