Infuriated wife cuts off cheating husband’s manhood… twice

Posted at 1:25 PM, Jan 14, 2015

WARNING: Graphic content in story may not be appropriate for all audiences. Viewer discretion advised. 

CHINA – A 30-year-old woman in China found out her husband was having an affair and did the unthinkable; she cut off his penis… twice.

The New York Post reported the 32-year-old man, a father of five, used his wife’s phone to text his mistress a steamy love note and forgot to log out after.

His wife found the message and snapped; she grabbed a pair of scissors and cut off her husband’s manhood while he slept.

The report states the man was taken to the hospital where surgeons successfully reattached his genitals.

But then, according to the New York Post, his wife was able to sneak into the recovery room, cut off his penis for a second time and allegedly toss it out the window.

Officials said the shocked and furious husband chased his wife outside, all while losing a lot of blood.

This story sounds far-fetched but the New York Post added pictures from the Central European News that appear to prove the tale is true.

Authorities arrested his wife and, despite their best efforts, they were not able to find the man’s missing manhood.

Source: New York Post