Business to start selling customized ‘Man Caves’

Posted at 10:08 PM, Jan 16, 2015

ST. GEORGE, Utah - We’ve all heard the term ‘man cave.’ Maybe we have one, maybe we want one. Now, a St. George businessman is trying to make that dream come true.

Adventure Storage is a new development of Sun River. This week, construction crews finished up building eight man caves. On the outside, they look like storage units--but designers said the 1,250 square-foot garages are available to any man, or woman, looking for a place to stretch their hobby.

“The man cave is designed to be whatever the man wants it to be,” Sun River President Darcy Stewart said. “If they want us to include a restroom, a kitchen, whatever--we can customize it to their desire.”

While the concept of a man cave has been around for several years, the idea of making it stand alone is gaining popularity. Stewart said they saw this idea at a trade show, and decided to make it their own.

“Some of them that we’ve seen are much more grand, the units are much larger,” Stewart said. “Then others are not near as grand. We’re trying to hit it right in the middle.”

Man caves are purchased, not rented, and start at $150,000. The rooms are insulated, and heated. And while it’s okay to hang out, and maybe catch a nap--don’t plan on moving in.

“They’re not zoned for that,” Stewart said. “The two restrictions on the zoning is you can’t live in them, and you can’t run a business out of them.”

Adventure storage is having a grand opening Saturday to show of the spaces. More information can be found on their website.