Colleagues mourn death of Provo City Council Member Stephen Hales

Posted at 3:52 PM, Jan 21, 2015
Provo City Councilmember Stephen Hales. Image courtesy

Provo City Council Member Stephen Hales. Image courtesy

PROVO, Utah – Officials announced Wednesday that Provo City Council Member Stephen Hales has died.

Hales represented Provo’s District 5 and owned a local advertising agency, Stephen Hales Creative, Inc.

According to a press release from the city council, “The Provo City Council heard of the passing of Council Member Stephen Hales this morning and joins with the community in mourning his loss.”

Council Chairman Gary Garrett and Vice-Chair Kim Santiago issued a statement in that press release, saying they were saddened by the sudden loss.

“As a City Council, we are filled with sadness and grief at Stephen’s sudden, unexpected passing today. He is a man of great faith and exceptional integrity. He was thoughtful in his community service and creative and brilliant in his profession. We will miss his friendship, but we will remember his remarkable contributions to our city, including his recent work to strengthen Provo City’s brand and identity. We extend our love and sympathy to Calli and to all of Stephen’s family.”

According to his website, Hales was born in Provo and his ancestors were among the pioneers to settle in Provo. The BYU graduate also served 16 years as a member of the Provo Landmarks Commission and was elected chair of that group twice. The website also states Hales was on the Board of Directors for America’s Freedom Festival at Provo for more than 20 years. Hales was a part-time faculty member at BYU, where he taught courses in graphic design.

Provo City Councilmember Stephen Hales and his family. Image courtesy

Provo City Council Member Stephen Hales and his family. Image courtesy

Hales is survived by his wife, Calli, and seven children: “…One is a BYU graduate and works as a teacher at a Provo charter school, two are currently BYU students, one is on a mission for the LDS Church, and two are students at Timpview High School. Their oldest son died from brain cancer in 2012,” according to Hales’ website.

Other city council members reacted to Hales’ death.

Council Member Daved Sewell stated: “My heartfelt condolences go to Stephen’s family. To me he was more than a respected Council colleague. I quickly came to think of him as a friend. I admired him for his integrity, compassion, intelligence, and creativity. I appreciate very much the time that I had working with him, and feel very sad that our time together was cut so short.”

Council Member Gary Winterton stated: “I have truly been blessed to have known such a kind and thoughtful person. I have appreciated his compassion to all that he came in contact with as he served us here in Provo. His love for our city and the people who live here is so evident as I look at the legacy he leaves us. His influence and contribution to our community is manifested in so much of Provo’s past and what we look forward to as a bright future. I am saddened at our loss today but am elevated by and grateful for my association with Stephen Hales.”

The press release did not make mention of the cause of death.