Homeowners oppose proposed rezoning of lot in Mt. Olympus community

Posted at 6:07 PM, Jan 21, 2015

SALT LAKE CITY -- Homeowners on Salt Lake's east bench are fighting the idea of new development in their neighborhood.

A plan put forth by Mt. Olympus Community Council would likely change an empty 7-acre lot into a high rise or business development.

“It does provide opportunities in the future for hotels or for other types of activities to be planned on that piece of property,” said Ken Smith, Vice Chairman of the Mountain Olympus Community Council.

The lot is located across the street from the Dan’s Fresh Market on Wasatch Boulevard.

Only the Salt Lake Community Council can change the zoning. But the neighborhood council wants to guide future development by pushing for restricted zoning. Any kind of rezoning would likely bring in some kind of commercial development; potentially, apartments, condos or a hotel.

“And we wouldn't have control over how those were made, and what type of use those were for,” said Jaclyn Knapp, a homeowner.

Neighbors feel the rezoning would usher in commercial and multi-use development that would negatively affect property values.