Video shows deputy parking in handicap spot on snack break, dept. investigating

Posted at 9:07 AM, Jan 21, 2015

SACRAMENTO, Cali. – A deputy was caught on video parking in a handicap spot while on a snack break and now the sheriff’s department is investigating.

According to KTXL, the man who shot the video confronted the deputy at the convenience store and asked why she parked in the reserved spot when other spots were open.

“You always park in handicap when you’re not on a call,” the man asked on the video. “We’re allowed to get breaks,” the deputy said.

The deputy told the man, who wishes to remain anonymous, no parking spaces were open when she pulled up.

Sacramento Undersheriff James Lewis reviewed the video and told KTXL deputies should only use those spaces in emergencies.

“Very disappointed. Frankly, it is completely inconsistent with our values,” Lewis told KTXL. “It’s something that as a result of viewing that video will be cause us to initiate an investigation with our Internal Affairs Bureau.”

The man said the spot where the deputy parked with the only spot for the disabled at the store.

The Sacramento Sheriff’s Department said the deputy has been a county employee for 27 years and a sworn officer for the last 15.

Lewis told KTXL punishment could range from documented counseling all the way to termination.

Authorities are still investigating the incident.

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