Former Davis County teacher accused of having sex with her students appears in court

Posted at 7:51 PM, Jan 22, 2015

DAVIS COUNTY, Utah -- Former Davis High School teacher Brianne Altice was in court for an arraignment Thursday afternoon; the woman is accused of having sex with three minors who were her students.

Altice has been in jail since her last court appearance, and at that hearing an alleged victim testified against her. A judge revoked Altice’s bail last week. She has pleaded not guilty.

Ed Brass, Altice’s attorney, said they have filed several motions, including a motion to suppress certain statements. Brass said there is disagreement about how to treat the testimony of the three teens.

“We think each person should be considered on its own merits, state opposes that,” Brass said. “…We think the jury should consider the evidence as to each particular individual, independent of the others.”

Altice is next scheduled to appear in court on February 18.

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