Let’s make a deal: Seattle fan exchanges game-winning ball with Jermaine Kearse

Posted at 7:29 PM, Jan 23, 2015

SEATTLE – What’s an NFC Championship game-winning touchdown ball worth to a Seahawks fan? Jermaine Kearse scored the game winner against the Green Bay Packers January 18, and then he threw the ball into the stands, where Scott Shelton said it bumped his chest, “just like a gift.”

Kearse reportedly called Shelton twice to ask for the ball, but the Hawks fan said he couldn’t decide right away. FOX 13 News sister station Q13 FOX in Seattle reportsShelton said he was offered $20,000 for the ball, but he said he would never sell it and if he decided to give it away it would go to Kearse.

Friday, Shelton told Q13 that he had given the ball to Kearse and that Kearse gave him another piece of Seahawks’ history: the jersey Jermaine was wearing during the NFC Championship game. Kearse reportedly offered Super Bowl tickets, but Shelton told Q13 he had his own.

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Q13 interviewed the man both before and after he decided to give the ball back to Kearse, click here to visit their website for the full story.