Man faces charges for 11 armed robberies

Posted at 10:01 PM, Jan 23, 2015

SALT LAKE CITY – Police have arrested a man Friday who they were seeking in connection with multiple armed robberies that have occurred in the Salt Lake City area in recent weeks, and the man faces 11 counts of aggravated robbery.

According to information from the Unified Police Department, Cameron Evans was apprehended in Midvale Friday after undercover detectives began watching the areas they suspected the serial robber would strike next.

Police had requested help finding the man, who they said at the time was the suspect in 5 similar robberies. He would allegedly enter a store, threaten the clerk with a knife, demand money and then flee on foot. The suspect wore the same clothes in each case, which included a distinct black hoodie with a light checkered design. A statement of probably cause listed 11 robberies, and five of them were detailed in a press release.  The alleged crimes include:

  • A robbery at an Arctic Circle, 4796 South Redwood Road in Taylorsville, on January 9.
  • A robbery at India Foods, 4159 South Redwood Road in Taylorsville, on January 12.
  • A robbery at John’s Market, 4141 South Redwood Road in Taylorsville, on January 13.
  • A robbery at Taco Time, 4631 South Redwood Road in Taylorsville, on January 20.
  • A robbery at Ganesh Indian Cuisine, 777 East Fort Union Blvd. in Midvale on January 22.

The PC Statement indicates detectives began watching the areas where they thought Evans would strike next, as most of the crimes followed a similar pattern. Just after 7 p.m. Friday, police observed Evans entering a Burger King at 705 East Fort Union Blvd. Detectives witnessed Evans robbing the restaurant, and he was taken into custody after the robbery without incident.

Evans was found to be wearing the distinctive clothing mentioned above, and he had a serrated knife. He was carrying money taken from Burger King when police apprehended him. Police questioned Evans, who admitted to 10 robberies as well as the eleventh incident witnessed by police. He said he used the knife in all robberies. The investigations into those robberies had been carried out by officers from the Unified and Salt Lake City police departments.

Evans has been booked into jail, where he faces 11 counts of aggravated robbery.