SLC Mayor seeks public feedback on police use of force issues

Posted at 9:01 PM, Jan 23, 2015

The following press release from Salt Lake City has been reproduced in its entirey:

SALT LAKE CITY – In response to residents’ concerns regarding officer-involved shootings and use of force issues, Mayor Ralph Becker is convening a series of public meetings to facilitate community discussion on these topics.

“We recognize that there is concern in our community about the use of force and are developing a dialogue series to convene policymakers and interested community members for meaningful discussions of the issues associated with use of force, and in particular, officer involved shootings,” said Mayor Becker. “I’m seeking input from community members to let us know exactly how these forums should look to ensure we’re working together and effectively.”

To begin the effort, residents are being invited to share their thoughts on which topics and issues need to be addressed, who should be a part of the dialogue and what type of meeting structure will provide the best benefit.

Community members can provide input via the City’s Open City Hall website here. The feedback posting will be open for comment through Feb. 8, after which ideas will be tabulated and public meetings scheduled.