Utah robbery suspect caught with pants down… and it just gets worse from there

Posted at 1:24 PM, Jan 23, 2015

SPRINGVILLE, Utah – What appeared to be the end of a robbery suspect’s alleged crime spree, when officers caught him with his pants down, turned out only to be the beginning of one of the most bizarre escape attempts, possibly ever.

Springville Police arrested 20-year-old Kamden Lee early Friday morning and it was not without incident, not even close.

Authorities said the encounter with Lee started just before midnight when they were called about an armed robbery.

Police said a suspect robbed a local convenience store at gunpoint and forced the clerk into the store’s restroom before getting away with cash and cigarettes.

Officers found a man nearby who matched the description wearing a gray hoodie, a blue bandanna over his face and fingerless gloves.

When the man saw police he tried to jump a fence but his pants got caught and were pulled down, trapping the suspect.

Authorities found a gun in his pants and recovered the stolen cash and cigarettes.

Police took him into custody but the crime spree didn’t end there.

On the way to jail, police said Lee started beating his head against the window in an effort to escape.

Lee cut his head so officers tried to take him to the emergency room.

On the way there, Lee continued to pound his head against the window and fight with officers so they called an ambulance instead.

Lee was strapped to the gurney, crews treated his head wound and he was taken to the Utah County Jail.

His night of crime was still not over.

At the jail Lee head-butted a sheriff’s deputy and spit on and assaulted officers.

He was also able to kick out the police car window before the midnight madness ended.

Lee is now facing multiple charges including robbery, kidnapping, assault and a variety of other offenses.