Midway Ice Castles only open briefly due to unusually warm weather

Posted at 8:23 PM, Jan 24, 2015

MIDWAY, Utah – A popular annual attraction is open for much less time than usual this year, as employees are fighting just to keep the business from melting away.

The majestic sculptures of the Midway Ice Castles have drawn tourists and local visitors for the last five years, but this year they will only be open for a few days.

Site manager Jesse Stone said the weather has been so warm they can’t maintain the castles, and he said that means trying to open them for an extended time becomes a safety issue, as sharp, hanging icicles could fall.

Stone said: “Every weekend it’s been like 40, 45, some 50 degrees… You see it in the 40s, and you just kind of cringe, ‘Man, what’s going on here? This is January, come on: We need something cold!’”

The ice castles will be open Saturday and Monday from 6 p.m. to midnight. Click here to visit the Midway Ice Castles’ website.

FOX 13 News' Robert Body was at the ice castles Saturday, and he spoke with the crowds that turned out to take advantage of the brief time the attraction is open. See the video above for more information.