Woman loses more than 100 pounds on ‘selfie diet’

Posted at 3:07 PM, Jan 26, 2015

REYKJAVIK, Iceland – A picture is worth 1,000 words and in this case, it’s worth about 100 pounds to a 35-year-old woman.

Eva Rut Gunnlaugsdottir, of Reykjavik, Iceland, said she lost about 110 pounds by documenting her weight loss journey with selfies she posted on the Internet.

“I posted the first one almost as a joke. I felt really bad about myself and looked bad and I felt if I could start to see the change it might help me to carry on,” Gunnlaugsdottir told Central European News (CEN). “But, in fact, I was also so embarrassed about the images that it was something that made me determined to carry on.”

She started out at 296 pounds and by cutting certain foods like wheat, sugar and starch, she lost the weight and held herself accountable on social media.

“I’ve always had trouble controlling my diet and have been immensely overweight since I was  18 years old,” she told CEN. “After I had my children almost seven years ago, I completely lost control of everything and put on quite a lot of weight.”

In her selfie diet, every time she craved a piece of chocolate, she scrolled back through her selfies to stay focused on her health goal.

Source: Fox News