City considers hiring company to track poo-petrators, put owners in doghouse

Posted at 9:27 PM, Jan 27, 2015

CARMEL, Ind. – Not cleaning up after your pet is just… nasty.

One Indiana city has come up with a plan that could land poo-petrators in the doghouse.

It is thinking of hiring a company that claims to trace the dog’s doo doo back to the owner.

“Most people think it’s ridiculous and they laugh about it, which is what I did,” Carmel Clay Parks Director Mark Westermeier said. “But as you think about it, as you better understand the problems, there’s a certain amount of sense to it.”

“We can match the mess, if you well, or discover the poo-petrators as we like to call them, between the waste that is left behind and the dog owner who did not scoop up that dog waste,” Pooprints’ Eric Mayer said.

Park officials are interested for aesthetic and health reasons but haven’t decided how the program should be implemented.

“There’s been people who think that it’s going to raise taxes or it’s a waste of tax payer money, but it’s really not, because there’s a cost to picking up dog poop around all the different parks and public areas,” Westermeier said.

Pooprints is already being used at apartment complexes and condominiums in 45 states.

Source: CNN, WISH