Ogden apartment fire causes $100K in damage; no injuries, cat missing

Posted at 7:22 AM, Jan 27, 2015

OGDEN, Utah – An apartment fire in Ogden forced several families from their homes overnight.

Officials were called to the Brentwood Apartments near 4564 Harrison Blvd. at about 10: 45 p.m.

Crews found fire and smoke coming from the attic when they arrived.

Everyone was evacuated and the flames were contained to the attic.

“It was very dangerous in that the initial attack was from the attic access from the third floor, so we had fire above the firefighters as they were trying to find the degree of it and also try to get to the seed of the fire to try to apply water to it,” Ogden Fire Chief Mike Mathieu said.

Fire crews were then removed from the building and fought the blaze from the ground.

The third floor units have fire damage and the rest of the units have water damage.

No one was hurt and one cat is missing.

Six of the units were involved and almost 20 residents have been affected.

Damages are estimated at about $100,000.