Love never fails; strangers help man who leaves daisy a day for late wife

Posted at 10:58 AM, Jan 29, 2015

FOND DU LAC, Wis. – Every day, 82-year-old Bud Caldwell leaves a daisy on a memorial bench dedicated to his wife who died two years ago.

He sits and tells Betty what is going on in his life each day, according to  WDJTTrue love and kindness: A Fond Du Lac love story

It snowed recently covering the path Caldwell takes to Betty’s bench.

Caldwell tried to make it through the snow the previous year and fell.

WDJT said he didn’t want to risk it this year so he drove to the park and talked to Betty in his car instead.

That is, until two park employees noticed the change in his routine.

Jerrod Ebert and Kevin Schultz shoveled a path so Caldwell could safely make it to Betty.

They told WDJT they will keep the path clear for Caldwell all winter.

Caldwell said he will visit Betty at their bench every day as long as he is able.