Dog stolen after being featured on FOX 13 has been found, adopted

Posted at 10:12 PM, Jan 30, 2015

MURRAY, Utah -- Eddie the Chihuahua made an appearance on FOX 13 News’ pet adoption segment last week, but he was stolen from the Utah Humane Society in Murray later that day. Friday, the dog has a new owner, a new home and a great story.

Deanne Shepard of the Humane Society of Utah brought Eddie in to FOX 13 News in the hopes of finding someone to adopt the dog, and after disappearing from HSU the dog was found shivering outside of a dollar store in Davis County Wednesday.

Shauna Wilde was shopping in the area and found Eddie, who she took home in the hopes of finding his owner.

“I’m really glad because he almost got hit in the parking lot,” Wilde said. “And I happened to just be going through the checkout right at that time, and I just looked over and I just went, ‘OK, I'm taking him. I’ll take him.’”

The Wilde’s got in touch with the Humane Society, and now the family is adopting the dog, who will join their other Chihuahua, “Twitch” in the home.

“It’s exciting,” Wilde said. “I love him. I just fell in love with him, and he's so good, and he sits on my lap and he's so loveable.”

While this dog’s story has a happy ending, HSU is hoping to deliver similar happy endings to other animals. They are holding a "Kitten Bowl" event this weekend and invite the public to come down and adopt a pet. For details about the event, click here.