Loose dog on Legacy Parkway slows traffic to crawl

Posted at 5:36 PM, Feb 02, 2015
and last updated 2015-02-03 00:15:15-05

DAVIS COUNTY, Utah -- A Utah Highway Patrol chase on Legacy Parkway shut down traffic during the rush hour commute. It’s now who, but what they were trying to capture.

The culprit?

A Pomeranian mix dodging in and out of traffic in both directions.

Davis County Animal Control officials say the dog’s owner was walking her on the west side of Legacy Parkway and took the dog off leash. That’s when the pup squeezed through some fencing and caused the road block.

“It was running in and out of traffic northbound and southbound,” said trooper Luke Duwel.

Duwel was one of three UHP troopers who responded to calls of a stray dog on Legacy Parkway. Before long, traffic in both directions was blocked, with the Pomeranian mix in charge.

“This was fairly unusual to get a call like this, to try and chase down the dog on the interstate, or Legacy I guess,” Duwel said.

Utah Department of Transportation cameras captured it all.

The video shows the troopers’ strategy as one tried to corner the pup to a particular area while another jumped out to try and grab her. Troopers came close to grabbing the dog several times, but attempt after attempt was unsuccessful.

“The dog was pretty scared so we couldn't get it to stop and come to us,” Duwel told FOX 13.

About half an hour later, the owner – in his own car – got near the dog and got her out of harm’s way.

Davis County Animal Control cited the owner for running at large, places prohibited, and no licensing.