Warm weather helps progress in UDOT projects

Posted at 6:58 PM, Feb 09, 2015
and last updated 2015-02-09 20:58:43-05

NORTH SALT LAKE, Utah – The warm weather has helped Utah Department of Transportation crews make progress on construction projects big and small.

UDOT spokesman Vic Saunders said they've been able to use their snow removal budget to focus on making repairs to Utah's roads.

“Other things that we don't normally do in the wintertime, we've been able to take advantage of in the break of the weather to do that now,” Saunders said.

Some of the repairs they're making include filling up potholes, fixing signs and guardrails and removing trash.

“You can never fill the pot holes fast enough,” Saunders said. “With asphalt roadways, they occur. Winter makes those happen as the road freezes and thaws. So we've repaired almost all the potholes that have appeared."

Saunders said weather has not increased the number of construction projects they're working on because they're anticipating it could get cold again.

“Construction is pretty tightly planned and scheduled and we didn't expect this warmer weather,” he said. “It's kind of a bonus to us, in that regard. So, while we've been able to do more maintenance, we haven't accelerated any of our construction projects that were not yet started."

One project crews are working on this winter is extending lane splits on Interstate 15 in Davis County.

The construction is between the 500 South 2600 South exits where crews are working on a new modified continuous flow intersection.

“We have many elements coming together at 2600 South. It will be more efficient,” Saunders said. “It will eliminate a major traffic jam we have there during peak travel times every day."

Throughout the night Tuesday and Wednesday, southbound traffic on I-15 will be reduced to one lane while crews restripe the road and put in the lane splits.