Photographer unknowingly captures beautiful moment, searching for couple

Posted at 3:07 PM, Feb 11, 2015

CORONADO, Calif. – A Coronado photographer captured a couple getting engaged under a rainbow by chance and is now trying to track them down.

Dan McGeorge takes photos for a living but said he never imagined he would capture a moment so special.

Dan McGeorge - KSWB

Dan McGeorge – KSWB

“There to my surprise was this couple, and they were clasping their hands – looking at each other and I knew I had captured them right in the moment of their proposal,” McGeorge said.

McGeorge didn’t recall at first, but remembered he had met the couple the day before while out on the beach.

“He had a camera in his hands and he said, ‘We just got engaged, would you take our picture for us,'” McGeorge said. “The ones I took were close ups, just ‘One, two, three, smile.’ I didn’t have any clue until I zoomed in later that that was them.”

He has since been desperately trying to find the mystery couple.

McGeorge posted the photo on his Facebook page in hopes that someone would recognize the pair.

“People have shared it all over the world and hopefully I can find them and connect with them,” he said.

McGeorge said he would like to speak with you if you think you might know the couple.

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