‘We got it, baby!’ You’ve never seen a meteorologist this excited in rare storm

Posted at 2:48 PM, Feb 15, 2015
and last updated 2015-02-16 11:44:55-05

In this hilarious video posted by The Weather Channel, Meteorologist Jim Cantore is not shy about his enthusiasm for capturing Thundersnow on camera.

The weather phenomenon is unusual, as snow storms usually arrive silently.

So, when recent snowfall in Boston came with lightning and thunder, Cantore could not contain his excitement–even saying at one point he’d rather experience occurrences of Thundersnow than win the recent Powerballl Jackpot that topped $500 million.

Boston had its snowiest month on record this year, click here for details. 

For more information  from The Weather Channel about Thundersnow and how it forms, click here.