Dispute between port workers, shipping companies creates construction delay in Salt Lake City

Posted at 7:44 PM, Feb 18, 2015

SALT LAKE CITY -- Local businesses are being hit hard after one of Salt Lake City’s major construction projects was at a standstill for weeks due to a dispute between port workers and shipping companies on the West Coast.

Orange cones crowd the heart of the Sugar House business district as crews are working to renovate the area, but the project is taking longer than expected

“It seems a little bit cumbersome to get through the construction area and at times people don't know if there's any walking areas or access into the businesses,” said Evan Tendick, who is the general manager of Wasatch Brew Pub.

Wasatch Brew Pub is just one of the several business that has been impacted by the delay of construction on the Sugar House Plaza.

“People are ready for it to be done," Tendick said. "We do get a lot of questions like, 'We're not sure you were opened.'"

The project started in August and was expected to finish in early January. The city says construction is behind schedule because needed supplies were not sent on time due to disputes between port workers and shipping companies on the West Coast.

“The final building material for this area, which is some beautiful granite tiles, were held up on the other side of the West Coast shipping ports and where we were hoping to tail off this work early January, we're just now getting the final tiles in,” said Art Raymond, Deputy Director of Communications for Salt Lake City.

Once the project is done, the Sugar House Plaza will feature an acre of public open space, a new interactive water feature and outdoor dining. The city says they finally received the shipment and they will be clearing out the construction within the next week.