Expecting tax refund? Utah State Tax Commission says it’s in the mail

Posted at 11:04 AM, Feb 18, 2015
and last updated 2015-02-18 13:04:21-05

Are you expecting a tax refund? The Utah State Tax Commission said they are now on the way.

Officials said the delay came after the tax commission found numerous attempts to file fraudulent returns.

The Utah State Tax Commission sent this statement to Fox 13:

“The Utah State Tax Commission has begun issuing income tax refunds after taking extra precautions to verify filings and refunds. The delay to some refunds was caused when the Tax Commission discovered a number of attempts to file fraudulent income tax returns for the 2014 filing season.

Beginning this week, the Tax Commission will issue refunds to bank accounts and checks mailed directly to taxpayers. At this point, refunds will not be deposited into certain debit card accounts while the Tax Commission reviews its processes to determine that refunds are being sent to the correct taxpayer.

The fraudulent filings were identified by the Tax Commission from data submitted through a third-party commercial tax preparation software process. All information in the Tax Commission’s computer system remains secure and has not been compromised. The Tax Commission continues to work with commercial vendors to protect taxpayers’ identification and confidential information.

Taxpayers may verify the current status of their state income tax return by going to where detailed instructions are provided. “